Ask others who I am, and you’ll get a lot of different answers. I’m a friend and a mother, a colleague and a neighbor. I’m a wife, a sister, a grandmother. All of these things I’ve become during my life, but I’ve always been an artist. I don’t remember being anything else.

Broken crayons on wood. In the private collection of Ashley Wolski. Copyright ©2021 Karen Holloway – All rights reserved.

I won my first regional school art contest when I was 10 but didn’t formally study art until attending The College of New Jersey. In 2006, I began independent study with two nationally renowned Bucks County painters; first with Robert Seufert, and later with John Ennis. Over the last three decades I’ve also had the great fortune to visit and study important art collections across America and Europe. As my skills have progressed, I’ve transitioned from a realist to an expressionist painter. Through all of this, my family, friends, and teachers have been invaluable critics and cheerleaders as I’ve tried to communicate my experiences through paint, textile, and wax mediums. Although most of my early works were in Oils, I now work almost exclusively in encaustics. My current work can be seen in The Broken Crayon Collection. You can learn more about this collection in my Artist Statement.

I live in Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my best friend and husband, Don. You can reach me at

Copyright ©2023 Karen Holloway – All rights reserved.